We are a new generation Alternative energy and energy conservation company in Washington , DC

Our solutions are for off grid situations mainly . From a 1KWh battery that is supported by PV panels that will generate about 3KWh for remote cabins or Beacon ( Remote support of communication , Cameras and security ) up to 30KWh batteries that are supported by PV panels that generate over 100KWh per day. And more .

We use a battery at the cutting edge of technology that should last 27 years but has a 15 year warranty .The longest battery warranty in the world.

Our aim is to make sure you get the very best with the very best reliability.

Not so long ago if someone told you they were living ‘off the grid’, you may have envisioned isolated wooden cabins, hemp clothing, a noisy generator, no modern appliances, and a lights off at 7pm rule.

Thankfully those days are well and truly in the past and the ‘off the grid’ person could be living in your street thanks to some pretty amazing technology.

One such technology is that of the cell chemistry used in Alnergy batteries. We use cells composed of Lithium Iron Phosphate or LFP for short. This cell chemistry is vastly superior of that to some other cell chemistries, including AGM or Gel storage batteries which have poor round trip storage efficiencies. Some more aspects in which LFP batteries are superior is their weight, size, lifespan and durability.

You may be wondering what sacrifices or lifestyle changes one has to make in order to be energy independent and ‘off the grid’.

Well if you go with a tailored off grid storage solution by Alnergy the answer would be … none.

We have all heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Well not in this case. Going off-grid with Alnergy means no compromise to your current lifestyle. Meaning you can continue to use your appliances as usual.

Alnergy off-grid systems = no compromise to your lifestyle.

Our Alnergy off-grid systems are paired with industry leading inverter manufacturers, providing the perfect solution for medium to large dwellings with a daily power usage of between 3KWh and 90kWh per day from PV oversubscribed 1KWh to 30KWh battery system. Meaning these are perfect for not only homes but also homes, holiday retreats , RVs , to name a few.

Our Battery description:


More Yield, More Returns
  • – Lithium iron phosphate technology, more reliable and safe
  • – 10,000 cycles(100%DOD), superior running life-span
  • – Flexible Capacity scalibility from 1KWH to 100KWH
  • – Active BMS, free to expand the capacity even 5 years after installation
  • – High temperature tolerance up to 55 degree
  • – Flexible system voltage configuration from 48V to 500V
  • – Optional high C rate module-up to 10C continual discharge
Better Reliability,Stronger Guarantees
  • – Vertically integrated supply chain management (SCM) enabling consistent high quality under stringent control
  • – Facilities and management system audited and approved by several quality-rating organizations
  • – Meticulous design and rigorous quality control
  • – Designed and tested to withstands harsh environment
  • – Products verified and approved according to 20+ global quality standards
  • – 10-year workmanship warranty
  • – 15-year performance warranty
  • – Independent third-party performance insurance
More Choices, More Success
  • – Creative, innovative products portfolio providing tailor-made solutions to special needs; innovative products already launched in the market include the high C rate(up to 10C) charging and discharging LFP module, low temperature charging LFP module(-45 degree) etc.
  • – 24/7 globally based subsidiaries and local service teams provide fast response service
  • – Broad connections to worldwide financial institutions; worldwide bankability
  • – Technical and commercial data exchange providing more market opportunities