The Alnergy Super Lithium Battery is an award winning battery developed using ground-breaking nanofabrication.

The Alnergy Super Lithium Battery is a high- performance, completely safe, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. The battery is compatible with both high and low voltage inverters. There are no less than 18 patents associated with the innovations in the battery.

MicroSolar 1KWh “1000” watts

1 Fan
4 LED Lamps
Charge 10 Phones
Charge 1 Computer Laptop
Internet Router
1KWh 100% DoD Li-Ion , 10,000 cycle , 27 year battery
15 year warranty =1
345watt Solar Panel =2
48V Off Grid Inverter =1
Wiring =1
Mounting Kit =1
Lightning Arrest =1
Charge controller =1
BMS =1
1. Exceptional life-span. The battery is designed to deliver 10,000 cycles.
2. 15 year warranty
3. 100% depth of discharge
4. Superior safety (LiFePO4 battery chemistry is extremely stable)
5. Active Balancing Technology contributes
to prolonged system life
6. Low and high-temperature performance
7. Conforms to internationally recognised safety standards
8. Does not produce any harmful gases or acid by-products
9. High energy density, small form factor and light-weight
10. Easy to install, resulting in lower assembly costs
11. All-aluminium cover design - robust
12. Simple to service - maintenance is easy due to simple rack-mount topology, meaning extremely quick response and replacement time (minutes, not days!)